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BerryDirect was created with the franchise industry in mind. Since our inception in 1999, we have provided franchises with reliable supplier services and management programs. We closely monitor our vendors’ performances and hold each supplier to the highest standards of the industry’s best practices. We’re also able to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and supply chain challenges to ensure that all franchisees associated with BerryDirect have instant access to warehousing, distribution, transportation, logistics operations, and vendor arrangements necessary for the success and growth of their business.

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Multi-unit Specialty Retail

BerryDirect ensures that all the processes involved in distribution and logistics management — which occurs after sourcing — are handled smoothly and efficiently. This includes the following steps:

Warehousing before and after the product is shipped to local distributors
Transporting the products to the distribution centers
Delivering the product to individual retail units

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BerryDirect provides all the necessary support for e-retailers to service their customers efficiently. This includes all e-commerce logistics that occur before delivering the product to the door of an end buyer. These include:

Storing and shipping inventory for the online store or marketplace (such as Amazon, Shopify, E-Bay, etc)
Managing inventory
Picking, packing, and shipping of online orders

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International Manufacturer

BerryDirect helps international manufacturers sell to US and Canadian markets by supporting their distribution, inventory management, transportation, and commercialization needs. We will partner with foreign companies looking for inroads into the North American market by advising, strategizing, and helping their products find their most receptive customer base.

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BerryDirect has its own, unique offering of quality containers, tableware, and packaging which we wholesale at low prices to clients looking to sell to the North American market. Our merchandise includes the following items:

Containers (Ceramic, metal, plastic, melamine)
Tableware (Ceramic, Bone china, Plastic)
Packaging (Paper, Plastic, Eco-friendly)

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