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B2B Fulfillment
  • We ship inventory with real-time tracking information so our clients can monitor the journey of the cargo in transit. Our fulfillment experience is matched with a proprietary streamlined IT system for multi-unit franchisors and business operations that allows us to maintain our commitment to speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Our E-commerce fulfillment solutions help you overcome the challenges of operating an omnichannel supply chain while meeting the demands of your customers.
  • We’ll pick, pack, and ship your products to domestic and international recipients on time and within your budget.
Inbound & Outbound Logistics
Inbound &
Outbound Logistics
  • BerryDirect inbound logistics practices include procurement, sourcing, inventory management, product auditing, kitting services, and consolidation.
  • In addition to straightforward fulfillment solutions, BerryDirect provides outbound services including repacking, order management processing, pick and pack, Omnichannel fulfillment, and last-mile delivery.
Freight Services
  • BerryDirect provides clients with highly competitive managed services and prices on international and domestic freight by land, air, or sea.
  • Our 20+ years of importing experience from Asian markets (China, Thailand, Vietnam) has given us an invaluable advantage including vendor communications and management, quality control inspections at site of origin and delivery, cargo consolidation, and inspection reports to ensure product conformity.
  • BerryDirect offers flexible storage sizes and times in our warehouse facilities, allowing you access to your inventory whenever you need it.
  • We also maintain inventory in a secure and controlled storage facility and handle all product flow and inventory management.
Value-added Service
  • BerryDirect offers general services such as kitting, sub-assembly repacking, relabeling, and other customized services upon our clients’ requests.
Customer Service
  • BerryDirect gives you peace-of-mind by offering customer support every step of the way. From inventory status to shipment tracking, returns, and replacements, we cover it all.

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